Unremarkable Wonders

Jul 29 | Posted by: Andrea Zonn | Tags: Introduction
There are few things in this life as amazing as a homegrown tomato sandwich, preferably with a schmear of organic mayo, avocado and fresh basil, on dense, wholegrain toast. Or the first moment of Spring when the aroma of honeysuckle hits your nose like a brick on the evening breeze. It’s true that life is full of big things to contemplate. Big moments to digest. Big decisions to make. But I’d hate to get so overwhelmed with the big stuff that I miss the small, unremarkable, everyday wonders in this life.

Here are some more of my favorite little things:

The sound of laughter on the front porch.
McGee the wondercat pouncing on the pillow for his good morning kiss.
Fresh linens on the bed.
Yard flowers in a masonjar vase. Or better yet, and old peanut butter jar.

And of course, that perfect cup of steamy cup of coffee.

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Football teams often become legendary. Players wish to put on uniforms of their favorite squad.
Number of fans growing constantly. Top clubs support in region of presence and in other
countries. Games collect millions of spectators. Introduce legendary
clubs from different regions of the planet.

Old Lady

"Juventus" appeared in 1897. Club considered most titled.
About awards you can talk long. In 2012 the club was named as the most famous among Italians.

Outside companies performed own research. It was possible to find out that more than 13 million people
are sick of Juventus. The data is huge. Similar support football
fans have majority other leading teams none.

Football players of Juventus actively contribute charity projects.
Team leads different programs:

• education;
• medicine;
• support for the homeless.

Juventus experienced crises. However the club
could to overcome problems.

Team appeared in the list thanks to the today situation. Roster steady shows excellent results.

Players every season trying to achieve the championship title in the
English Premier League. Total number regalia so far low.
However situation is improving.

Scheme work evokes only praise. City helps many clubs around the world.
List includes countries from North and South America, Asia.
Beginners athletes have the opportunity get into the most popular championship of.

Red Devils

List of best teams would incomplete without Red Devils. This team has considered the most famous on the planet.
Fans can be found different countries:

• USA;
• Russia;
• “The Fifth Republic”.

Support team colossal. Red Devils squad appeared late 1870s.

During the existence managed pass through different problems.

Manchester United is the most titled clubs of of football in England .

Must report additional fact. In the early 1990s Red Devils founded the APL.

Best period got on job Alex Ferguson. Club won different famous titles.

While about the past glory has only remembering.
However Red Devils still be able to demonstrate
excellent football.


Composition first time appeared in early last century.
During years existence "Bayern" achieved title most famous team FRG.
Total about 60 significant awards.

Currently fame came 2012. Squad demonstrated good game. Bayern strengthened in the first positions in the Bundesliga.

Players managed achieve excellent results at continental

Roster often supported other teams and ordinary people.
Often Star of the South supported Munich 1860. Management performed various options support:

• profitable transfers;
• free matches;
• direct financing.

Now support works locally. Team strives transfer funds people in need.

Real Madrid

List of the leading football teams world would incomplete without
Real Madrid. International organizations recognized specified squad as the leader of football of the last century.

The team won 65 titles in national tournaments. To the list you can add 34 championships in the
La Liga. Similar achievements of competitors no.

"Real Madrid" appeared in 1902. Through 18 years of existence team gave title royal.

Leading positions in local football roster tried to take over
at the dawn of existence. Achieve this succeeded thanks
to set reasons. The team is famous for its comprehensive approach to training.
Mentors pay attention to on different parameters:

1. Shape of football players.
2. The procedure for selecting players for the team.

3. Tactics of action.

Detailed work helps creamy win championships. About the pluses of the of the team you can talk for long.
More 10 times Galacticos won in European cup competitions.

Club never didn't leave from the Spanish championship. Independent researchers believe Real Madrid the
most expensive club in the world. Approximate value at
the time of study amounted to approximately US$4 billion.

Annual income decent. Club earns on resale of players, advertising, sponsorship.
Impressive income became selling seats in the
stands during games.

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