Unremarkable Wonders

Jul 29 | Posted by: Andrea Zonn | Tags: Introduction
There are few things in this life as amazing as a homegrown tomato sandwich, preferably with a schmear of organic mayo, avocado and fresh basil, on dense, wholegrain toast. Or the first moment of Spring when the aroma of honeysuckle hits your nose like a brick on the evening breeze. It’s true that life is full of big things to contemplate. Big moments to digest. Big decisions to make. But I’d hate to get so overwhelmed with the big stuff that I miss the small, unremarkable, everyday wonders in this life.

Here are some more of my favorite little things:

The sound of laughter on the front porch.
McGee the wondercat pouncing on the pillow for his good morning kiss.
Fresh linens on the bed.
Yard flowers in a masonjar vase. Or better yet, and old peanut butter jar.

And of course, that perfect cup of steamy cup of coffee.

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